Glacier Comparisons - The past and today

With my travels along the glaciers through the Alps, Norway, and Iceland
I am documenting the effect of global warming and climate change. 
Glaciers are the perfect climate indicator. 
While around 1850 the glaciers in the alps have reached their largested extend within the last centuries, they are constantly retreating since this time. By comparing old images from the
past and today, it is obvious, what is going on. In case you would like to use any of these comparisons for your purposes please feel free to contact me.

The Alps

Gurgler glacier, Austria
(Historical image: (c) Much Heiss, Alpiner Kunsterverlag, Innsbruck)

Gurgler glacier, Austria
(Historical image: (c) Verlag Gebr. Bährendt, Meran 1910) 

Pers- and Morteratsch glacier, Switzerland
(Historical image: Albert Steiner, Bovalhütte mit Pers-Gletscher, ca. 1930; 
(c) 2023 Bruno Bischofberger, Meilen)

Tschierva glacier, Switzerland
(Historical image: (c) Photoglob Wehrli A.G. Zürich) 

Schwarzenstein glacier, Austria
(Historical image: (c) Thomas Ender, Der Keesboden am Schwarzen Stein) 

Stein glacier, Switzerland
(Historical image: (c) Photoglob Wehrli A.G. Zürich)

Großglockner & Pasterze glacier, Austria
(Historical image: (c) Postkarten Industrie A.G. Wien I 1091) 

Schnee glacier, Zugspitze, Germany
(Historical image: (c) Verlag Somweber, Photograph, Erwald Tirol) 

Rhone glacier, Switzerland
(Historical image: (c) Unknown) 

Aletsch glacier, Switzerland
(Historical image: (c) Gyger & Klopfenstein, Adelboden, No. A5018) 

Aletsch Middle glacier, Switzerland
(Historical image: (c) Dr. Merz, "Schnee, Eis & Firn" in "Über Land & Meer" 1906)

Rhone glacier, Switzerland
(Historical image: (c) Societe Graphique Neuchatel) 

Hornkees, Austria
(Historical image: (c) Monopol Kunst- und Verlagsanstalt A.G., München) 

Gorner glacier, Switzerland
(Historical image: (c) Photo-Chemigr. Anstalt Brügger, Meiringen) 


Lodalsbreen & Stigaholtsbreen, Norway
(Historical image: (c) Wilhelm Maximilian Carpelan, after Carl Friedrich Naumann, Plansjeverk 2218-nr. 13, Nasjonalbiblioteket, Oslo) 

Boyabreen, Norway
(Historical image: (c) Knud Knudsen, 1872) 

Kjendalsbreen, Norway
(Historical image: (c) Library of Congress) 

Buarbreen, Norway
(Historical image: (c) Library of Congress) 

Nigardsbreen, Norway
(Historical image: (c) Olav Liestol) 


Skaftafellsjökull & Skeidararjökull, Iceland
(Historical image: (c) Unknown, ~1910) 

Kerlingarfjöll, Iceland
(Historical image: (c) Cornell University, ~1900)