Paintings of mother nature

Since I was young I always wanted to paint but my talent was limited. But then I realized that mother nature is doing the painting better than I ever could do. And finally I found also the technology to capture the beauty of mother nature. My focus has developed around glaciers and volcanoes with their surrounding landscapes from the beginning up in the mountains until the end in the ocean.


I am a German landscape photographer who has made it into the profession of photography within the last 15 years. I started with people and product photography but have now gone back to that what already facinated me as a kid. Glaciers and volcanoes. All my skills have developed by trial and error and not giving up if things don't turn out as they should. Always being interested in art but also having a close relation to nature, I finally found my passion by combining the art of mother nature and photography.

My home

Most of my time I am spending on or around glaciers and their fascinating landscape they have to offer. Global warming is a big challenge for these white beautiful giants and so I somehow feel responsible to document their beauty before they vanish. On the other side volcanoes and geothermal areas are the places where I love to observe how mother nature gives birth to new land and landscapes. What all these places have in common, is the fact, that if you take the right perspective, the photos become art like abstract paitings from mother nature. This is the focus of my work.

What can you expect?


It all starts with the glaciers up in the mountains of Iceland, Norway or the Alps. Each of them looks different, offers different views and patterns. What they have in common is their fascinating beauty.


On their way towards the ocean, they melt, break off, calve into lagoons or the ocean before they further melt or break apart. Also in this stadium they offer beautiful views.


One of the most fascinating things are the streams leading from the glaciers towards the ocean once the ice becomes liquid. Especially in Iceland this goes along with surrealistic beautiful patterns in the volcanic landscape.


While glaciers are melting volcanos give birth to new land. Being able to observe this process in person but also from a bird's eye perspective is one of the most fascinating things I have ever seen.


Geothermal areas are places where you can feel and see volcanic activity that is underneath the ground. The little mud geysirs form super abstract surrealistic landscapes which are outstanding beautful.