[16] The Gorner Glacier Series

The famous Gorner Glacier, nestled above the picturesque Zermatt in Switzerland, boasts a mesmerizing shiny white tongue that extends gracefully through the rugged landscape. Its pristine surface, adorned with icy crevasses and seracs, reflects the sheer grandeur of nature's frozen artistry. As sunlight illuminates its shimmering expanse, the white tongue of the Gorner Glacier stands as a vanishing landmark to the ever-changing marvels of our natural world. The images were taken in 2022.

Abstract images

Gorner Glacier No. 1 [2022]

 Gorner Glacier No. 2 [2022]

Gorner Glacier No. 3 [2022]

Gorner Glacier No. 4 [2022]

Gorner Glacier No. 5 [2022]

Gorner Glacier No. 6 [2022]

Gorner Glacier No. 7 [2022]