[1] Abstract Iceland - Glacier Series

A set of abstract landscape photos from the glaciers of Iceland which are also covered in my book "Abstract Iceland".

 [2] Abstract Iceland - Iceberg Series

Icebergs from different locations in Iceland. From Diamond Beach and along the south coast with its beautiful glacier lagoons. 

[3] Abstract Iceland - Liquid Series

One of the most fascinating things are the streams leading from the glaciers towards the ocean once the ice becomes liquid. The series covers this in a variety of different facets.

[4] Abstract Iceland - Lava Series

From the 2021 Fagradalsfjall eruption a set of abstract lava photos showing all kinds of different patterns mother nature is forming giving birth.

[5] Abstract Iceland - Geothermal Series

The series shows different places in Iceland with their abstract patterns caused by geothermal activity underneath the ground. 

[6] The Zugspitze Series

The "Nördlicher Schneeferner" (Northern Snow Glacier) is one of the last four glaciers in Germany and in focus in this abstract series. 

[7] The Icelandic Ice Cave Series

The blue and clear ice inside an Icelandic ice cave forms wonderful and abstract patterns.

[8] The Etna Series

Around Mt. Etna volcano is a region which is said to be one of the oldest geothermal areas of the volcano and source for wonderful abstract landscape images. 

[9] The Diavolezza Series

Abstract patterns inside an ice cave and glacial structures from the "ballroom of the alps". 

[10] The Aletsch Glacier Series

From one of the most iconic glacier streams in the world comes a series of abstract landscape shots.  

[11] The Pasterze Series

An abstract series from Austria's largest glacier.

[12] The Mittelbergferner Series

A series of wonderful abstract shots from ice caves at the snout of Mittelbergferner in Austria.

[13] The Stone Glacier Series

Abstract patterns from a wonderful glacier in the Canton Bern in Switzerland.

[14] The Huefi Glacier Series

One of the most amazing glaciers in the alps. The Huefi glacier in Switzerland and it's wonderful abstract patterns.

[15] The Matterhorn Ice Cave Series

Fresh out of the camera comes this abstract series of shots from an ice cave right underneath the famous and iconic Matterhorn in Switzerland.

[16] The Gorner Glacier Series

The wonderful white Gorner glaciers stands as a vanishing masterpiece of frozen ice, adorned with abstract patterns that mesmerzize all who behold them.

[17] The Findel Glacier Series

The glacier, with it's dark greyish surface, reveals itself as a mysterious work of art by nature. The abstract formations create an aura of enigma, captivating with their mysterious allure. 

[18] The Diamond Beach Series

Abstract images of glacial ice against black volcanic sand from Diamond Beach in Iceland, evoking a sense of surreal wonder. 

[19] Abstract Franconia

A little homage to the place I live and where I come from in Northern Bavaria. Shots from our holy "mountain" Walberla, the caves and the landscape in Franconian Switzerland.

[20] The Hochkönig Glacier Series

The Hochkönig Glacier used to be one of the most beautiful plateau glaciers in the alps. Due to global warming it is almost gone. Still there are some wonderful abstract perspectives to be saved for the future.

[21] The Litli-Hrutur Eruption

The very first hours of the Litli-Hrutur Eruption in Iceland in July 2023. Amazing shots from all kind of perspectives. Enjoy the show!

[22] The Schwarze Milz Glacier Series

The last glacier in the Allgäu alps is about to vanish. The series documents the beauty of this little gem.

[23] Abstract Iceland Summer 2023

Abstract rivers and streams along with geothermal landscapes are part of this edition.

[24] The Hoher Sonnblick Series

An abstract series from the Goldberg and Kleinfleiss glacier in the Hohe Tauern region in Austria.