[1] Abstract Iceland - Glacier Series

A set of abstract landscape photos from the glaciers of Iceland which are also covered in my book "Abstract Iceland".

 [2] Abstract Iceland - Iceberg Series

Icebergs from different locations in Iceland. From Diamond Beach and along the south coast with its beautiful glacier lagoons. 

[3] Abstract Iceland - Liquid Series

One of the most fascinating things are the streams leading from the glaciers towards the ocean once the ice becomes liquid. The series covers this in a variety of different facets.

[4] Abstract Iceland - Lava Series

From the 2021 Fagradalsfjall eruption a set of abstract lava photos showing all kinds of different patterns mother nature is forming giving birth.

[5] Abstract Iceland - Geothermal Series

The series shows different places in Iceland with their abstract patterns caused by geothermal activity underneath the ground. 

[6] The Zugspitze Series

The "Nördlicher Schneeferner" (Northern Snow Glacier) is one of the last four glaciers in Germany and in focus in this abstract series. 

[7] The Icelandic Ice Cave Series

The blue and clear ice inside an Icelandic ice cave forms wonderful and abstract patterns.

[8] The Etna Series

Around Mt. Etna volcano is a region which is said to be one of the oldest geothermal areas of the volcano and source for wonderful abstract landscape images. 

[9] The Diavolezza Series

Abstract patterns inside an ice cave and glacial structures from the "ballroom of the alps". 

[10] The Aletscher Glacier Series

From one of the most iconic glacier streams in the world comes a series of abstract landscape shots.  

[11] The Pasterze Series

An abstract series from Austria's largest glacier.

[12] Inside Mittelbergferner Series

A series of wonderful abstract shots from an ice cave at the snout of Mittelbergferner in Austria.

[13] The Stone Glacier Series

Abstract patterns from a wonderful glacier in the Canton Bern in Switzerland.

[14] The Huefi Glacier Series

One of the most amazing glaciers in the alps. The Huefi glacier in Switzerland and it's wonderful abstract patterns.

[15] The Matterhorn Ice Cave Series

Fresh out of the camera comes this abstract series of shots from an ice cave right underneath the famous and iconic Matterhorn in Switzerland.

[16] More to come 

Project of summer 2023.