Glacier project - The past and today

With my travels along the glaciers through the Alps, Norway, and Iceland
I am documenting the effect of global warming. Glaciers are the perfect climate indicator. While around 1850 the glaciers in the alps have reached their largested extend in younger times, they are constantly retreating since this time. By comparing old images from the
past and today, it is obvious, what is going on.

The Alps

Schwarzenstein glacier, Austria

Großglockner, Austria

Großglockner & Pasterze, Austria

Zugspitze, Germany

Morteratsch glacier, Switzerland

Horn glacier, Austria

Gorner glacier, Switzerland


Lodalsbreen & Stigaholtsbreen, Norway

Boyabreen, Norway

Kjendalsbreen, Norway

Buarbreen, Norway

Nigardsbreen, Norway


Kerlingarfjöll, Iceland

Skaftafellsjökull & Skeidararjökull, Iceland