Effective Communication on Susatainability using Glacier Comparison Images

Sustainability has become a crucial imperative for companies in the modern business landscape due to a combination of environmental, social, and economic factors. As global awareness of climate change and environmental degradation grows, consumers, investors, and regulators increasingly demand responsible business practices. 

To underline this goal, glacier comparisons serve as a powerful visual representation of the urgency for sustainability. Contrasting images of glaciers from the past with their current state vividly illustrate the impact of climate change and the need to become more sustainable.

Although there has always been climate change, the speed at which it is taking place has dramatically accelerated. Processes that once unfolded over thousand or hundreds of years are now happening within decades or a few years.

Glacier comparisons as effective way to
convey the need for sustainability

Various aspects argue in favor of comparative photos:

1. Visible Impact: Glaciers are iconic symbols of climate change. Comparing historical photos with recent ones demonstrates the tangible consequences of environmental degradation.

2. Global significance: Glaciers are found in various regions worldwide, and their decline is a global phenomenon. This shows the urgency of taking action on a planetary scale.

3. Time-Lapse Effect: Glacier comparisons provide a tangible time-lapse effect, showing how rapidly environmental conditions have deteriorated.

4. Educational Value: Glacier comparisons serve as a powerful tool, helping people understand the direct connection between human activities, climate change, and the consequences for our natural environment.

(Image to the right: Gurgler Glacier, Austria around 1935 vs 2023)

Effective visual world in communication,
marketing, and corporate efforts

Companies can use these comparisons for various purposes:

→ Corporate Social Responsibility
→ Public Awareness Campaigns
→ Stakeholder Engagement
→ Product Messaging
→ Educational Initiatives
→ Supply Chain Transparency
→ Investor Relations
→ Employee Engagement

Incorporating glacier comparisons into these context can enhance the effectiveness of communication and engagement efforts, making  sustainability a more tangible and relatable concept for various stakeholders.

(Image to the left: Madatsch Glacier, Italy around 1910 vs 2023)

Service and pricing

Using glacier comparisons has never been easier. With my capabilities as a  landscape photographer I did all the research to find the exact locality for the comparable shot which makes me the copyright owner for today’s images. 

Furthermore I also did intensive research to clarify if the images from the  past are either no longer copyright protected (public domain) or who is in charge today to negotiate a commercial usage of the historical photography.

Once the relevant images have been picked I will take care to provide all  images in high resolution ready to print (campaigns, annual report, etc.) or to leverage them in a digital way (i.e. social media, presentations, etc.).

Recognizing that every project and usage of the images is unique, I believe in tailoring pricing structures to align with the distinct requirements and goals of my clients and their specific needs. By offering customized pricing, I aim to foster a collaborative and transparent relationship with clients, promoting a fair and mutually beneficial arrangement that reflects the true value of the services and images provided.

(Image to the right: Blaueis Glacier, Germany around 1925 vs 2023)

~ 1900 vs 2019
Pasterze, Austria

~ 1900 vs 2019
Pasterze, Austria

1895 vs 2022
Rhone Glacier, Switzerland

1906 vs 2022
Aletsch Glacier, Switzerland

1930 vs 2023
Schwarze Milz Glacier, Austria

1910 vs 2023
Uebeltal Glacier, Italy

~ 1910 vs 2021
Skaftafellsjökull & Skeidararjökull, Iceland

1875 vs 2019
Boya Glacier, Norway

~ 1950 vs 2023
Hochkoenig Glacier, Austria

~ 1900 vs 2022
Schneeferner Glacier, Zugspitze, Germany

1910 vs 2022
Gurgler Glacier, Austria

~ 1935 vs 2023
Morteratsch Glacier, Switzerland

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